27 Fonts that Support Naira (₦) sign

One of the font related problems Nigerians usually encounter when either typing or designing an e-commerce Naira based website is the Naira currency symbol (₦).

In most cases, Naira users sort to using the hash symbol (#), letter (N) or (NGN) in place of Naira symbol.

As a lover of Naira and our currency, BigNaira team searched online for list of fonts that support the Naira (U+20A6) symbol so you don’t have to worry no more!

See the list below:

  1. Arial
  2. Arimo
  3. Calibri
  4. Cambria
  5. Charter
  6. Code2000
  7. Consolas
  8. Courier
  9. Cousine
  10. DejaVu Sans
  11. Droid Sans
  12. EversonMono
  13. FreeMono
  14. FreeSans
  15. FreeSerif
  16. Gentium
  17. Helvetica
  18. Liberation Sans
  19. Lucida Sans
  20. Open Sans
  21. Roboto
  22. Rupakara
  23. Segoe UI
  24. Source Code Pro
  25. Tahoma
  26. Tinos
  27. Verdana

BigNaira site is currently using Open Sans and it’s been awesome.

Other fonts we have found performed very well are Roboto, Arial, Helvetica Neue and Source Code Pro.

Let us know which font you are using to showcase the Naira symbol on your site or project


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