End-User Certificate (EUC): Who issues it, plus items that requires EUC in Nigeria

What is End-User Certificate (EUC)?

Who issues End-User Certificate (EUC) in Nigeria?

What are the items that require End-User Certificate (EUC) in Nigeria?

What is official portal for End-User Certificate (EUC) in Nigeria?

How can I apply for an End-User Certificate (EUC) in Nigeria?

What is validity period of an End-User Certificates (EUCs)?

All these questions and many more will be answered in this knowledge-base article.

What is End-User Certificate (EUC)?

An End-User Certificate (EUC) is an official document issued by an authorised government representative of the recipient country confirming that internationally transferred items or products have been successfully imported and are not destined for transfer or re-export to any other entity or country.

In a simple sentence, EUC is an official document for importation of controlled items and products in Nigeria.

In a more broader way, an End-User Certificate (EUC) is undertaking by an importer/buyer or purchaser that any of the controlled items/products covered by the process transferred from the exporting country is for the sole and lawful use within Nigeria, and that the controlled items/products are not destined for transfer or re-export to any other entity or country, without the prior written consent of the issuing authority.

Who issues End-User Certificate (EUC) in Nigeria?

As earlier stated, the EUC is issued by a competent national authority. In Nigeria,
an End-User Certificate (EUC) is issued by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA).

End-User Certificate (EUC) issuance and processing are both FREE of charge and will be verified at any point. The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) will always request for your EUC if you are importing any item or product shortlisted for EUC by the Office of the National Security Adviser.

In Nigeria, the office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) is the authorized body that issues an End-User-Certificate and no changes or re-exportation can be made to the products or purpose for which those items are imported without the express consent of the Office of the National Security Adviser.

List of items that requires End-User Certificate in Nigeria

The following are the up-to date list of items and products that requires End-User Certificate for import in Nigeria. The list are as published on the official website of the Office of the National Security Adviser – https://euc.nsa.gov.ng/

  • Military Hardware
  • Cash Equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Uniforms & Accountrements
  • Treated Vehicles
  • Explosive and Explosive Devices
  • Fireworks
  • Arms and Ammunition
  • Private Security Gadget
  • Fertilizers
  • Broadcast Equipment
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Equipment
  • Lawful Intercept Equipment
  • Security Clearance
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Simulation Equipment
  • Any other items that may require End-User-Certificate depending on the existing laws of the exporting country.

How Can I Apply For An End User Certificate In Nigeria?

If you intend to import anything related to the above mentioned items or products, save yourself the stress by making sure you get first hand information about the product(s) and get your End-User-Certificate before you proceed to avoid outright seizure of your products at any of the Nigerian the port of entry.

To get an End-User-Certificate in Nigeria, your company representative must apply directly to the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) with all necessary documents related to the products you want to import and your company’s registration documents.

Always keep in mind that applying for End User Certificate (EUC) in Nigeria starts with visiting the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) to get the process initiated.

Summary of Application Process

  • Applicant must register a profile with the End User Certificate Issuance and Management System (ECIMS) in order to be eligible.
  • The description of the products or items to be imported must be properly filled in the application
  • All Applications must be supported with valid documentation (hard copies); and in the event of expired documents for sighting and the Applicant must attach a valid covering letter.
  • Purpose for which the products or items are to be used should be clearly stated during application process
  • Upon Issuance of the Certificate, in the absence of the original Applicant, a proxy can collect the Certificate but must present a letter of authorization duly signed by the applicant. This is only possible once the applicant already has a complete profile (inclusive of biometric) on ECIMS.
  • Once the End User Certificate is issued, ensure you have it together with other requirements for goods clearing with Custom Service at the Nigerian Ports Authority.

NOTE: All these MUST be done prior to the importation of the controlled item or product in order to avoid detention and outright seizure by the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS).

Guidelines for Different items/products

To apply for an End-User Certificate, ensure you read the guidelines for procuring specific controlled items/products. The guidelines provide information on relevant supporting documents expected to be provided and available on hand when applying for End-User Certificate.

The link below provides for the guidelines for different item types.


What is validity period of an End-User Certificates (EUCs)?

The End-User Certificates (EUCs) are only valid for one (1) year from the date it is issued to the importer/buyer or purchaser.



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