How to check Customs Duty Tariff online in Nigeria

Just like you can use Google to search or check anything you wish online, if you are an importer, Customs licensed agent or an intending importer, you can also search or check the Customs duty tariff of the item or product you want to import into Nigeria.

Know that you can achieve this 100% without visiting any Customs office because you will be doing it online.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has made all this possible by making available an online database of its tariff lists. It very simple and works like charm!

What do I need to check Customs tariff list online in Nigeria?

You need only two things:

1. A computer (Desktop, laptop, tablet or your mobile phone)
2. Internet connectivity

How can I check Customs tariff list online in Nigeria?

The Nigeria Customs online tariff database has two options which you can leverage to search or check your item(s) or product (s).

  • Search by One or More Keywords
  • Search by HS Code

We will break this down for you in steps:

Step 1: On your gadget launch your browser and type the link

You will see a search page like the one below


Step 2: To Search by One or More Keywords, input a keyword that best describes the item or product you want to search and then click on “Search”

If you already have the HS Code do the same by inputting the code in the Search by HS Code box and then click on Search.


Let’s say you want to import Nails into Nigeria and you don’t know what Customs levies as the Import Duty, what you will simply need to do will be to use the ‘Search by One or More Keywords’ option by entering ‘Nail’ as keyword and then click search to check the results. See screenshot below


As you can see, there are 5 tariffs found for Nails. Of the 5 results, only 4 narrowed down the item of choice so you will still need to choose the one that best describes the type of Nail you want to import.

Once you have made that decision, next will be to take note of the levies or taxes which include the following:

  • Import Duty (ID)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Levy (LVY)
  • Excise Tax (EXC)


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