How to Register as a Licensed Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agent in Nigeria

To become a licensed customs agent or customs broker (as they are often called in the US), there are certain conditions and training you must fulfill to be able to work with the licensed association.

Being a customs agent requires some level of educational qualification to at least keep you informed to operate in the trade arena. Also, you will be required to have an office, that is a registered company with a moveable vehicle (preferably a bus) registered in the company’s name. This is very important because you will in most cases be required to convey customs officers to examination bays as enshrined in the CEMA Act, provided it is registered in the company’s name.

The main thing that should come to mind when thinking of becoming a licensed customs agent in Nigeria is that money is involved to get the process rolling and successful. Customs involves international trade and so you should be prepared and ready to do what is involved.

In this article, we will share with you the requirements you need to become a licensed customs clearing in Nigeria. To make this easy for you, we have broken the requirements into three categories Let us divide what is needed to become a customs clearing agent into three categories;

Documentation Needs:

  • Form Sale 135
  • Form Sale 158
  • Certificate of Incorporation of Company
  • Memorandum and Article of Association (Customs Agent)
  • Share Capital of Ngn10,000,000.00 Fully Paid
  • Certified List of Directors Form C.07
  • Qualification/Vocational Experience of Directors
  • Sworn Declaration of Directors Non-Involvement in Fraud
  • Evidence of Title of Office
  • Scale of Charges
  • Three (3) Years Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Recommendation from Bank
  • Vehicle Particulars
  • Sketch Diagram and Office Plan
  • Letter of Appointed/Acceptance of Customs Representative
  • Vocational Experience and Testimonial of Customs Representative
  • Sworn Affidavit of Non-Involvement of Customs Representative in Fraud
  • Four (4) Passport Photographs of Customs Representative
  • Audited Account of The Company
  • Lastly, Remarks: Number of Documents Submitted.

Human Capital Need

  • Trained Individuals with The Practical Knowledge of Cargo Clearing In Nigeria
  • Office Work Documentation Specialist
  • Good ICT Personnel
  • Marketing Personnel in Nigeria
  • Also, Marketing or Company Sales Personnel in Europe Or America

Materials and Equipment Need

  • Firstly, A 12ft By 12ft Office Apartment
  • 3 Computer System Sets
  • Big And Small Printers
  • Mobility; Be It A Saloon Car Or A Hilux
  • Internet Facility
  • Other Normal Office Equipment
  • Finally, Warehouse (Optional For A Start)
  • Requirements by Nigeria Customs Service to Become a Licensed Agent

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