NCDC WhatsApp ‘ChatBot’ Will Tell You What To Do If You Have Coronavirus Symptoms

As one of its operational strategies to ensure the Nigerian public has a trusted source for the right information about coronavirus, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC has deployed the use of WhatsApp chatbot to keep the Nigerian people informed.


What is NCDC WhatsApp Chatbot?

It’s a free-to-use multimedia messenger service aimed at providing “official, trustworthy and timely information and advice about coronavirus.”

In other words, the bot is a trusted source for the right information about coronavirus, because it is updated by the NCDC with the latest public health guidance and providing assurance that they are not misled by any of the false information circulating.

The NCDC WhatsApp Chatbot is designed to inform you in real time what you can do if you have potential coronavirus symptoms like a fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

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NCDC WhatsApp Service is a Two-Way Conversation Tool

This new service allows for 2-way conversations on WhatsApp. With this service, NCDC can send real-time messages to all Nigerians who opt in to the service, and can equally serve as a channel through which Nigerians can engage directly with us

How the NCDC WhatsApp Chatbot Works

It’s simple, all you need do is save the number 07087110839 to your contacts, and then type and send it a message saying ‘hi’.

You can also add NCDC using this link:

The bot will reply you with a welcome message showing a list of menu options you can choose from for relevant guidance from the NCDC. Some of these include: how to protect yourself, symptoms of COVID-19, what to do if you are exposed to COVID-19, how to get tested and a host of other important questions you might have about coronavirus.

Welcome to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control’s (NCDC) official WhatsApp account for updated information on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Nigeria. This service provides official and up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation in Nigeria from NCDC.

Do you have any questions about COVID-19 that you want answers to? Select one of the numbers below to receive correct and up to date information:

1. What is Coronavirus? ?
2. How to protect yourself ?
3. Symptoms of COVID-19 ?
4. What to do if exposed to COVID-19 ?
5. How to get tested ‍⚕️
6. Travel advice ?
7. Myth busters ?
8. FAQ ❔
9. Situation Report ?
10. Latest news ?
11. Report a case ❗


To accessany of the information above, simply type the number of the prefered menu as a reply and then send. It will reply you with relevant information and guidiance to follow.

For instance, replying the bot with ‘5’ (How to get tested) will return an instant reply with the following

*How to get tested*
If you have a recent travel history to any country outside Nigeria or you have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, you must self-isolate for 14days. If you start to feel unwell with the known COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing) during self-isolation, call your state hotline or the NCDC toll-free line immediately on 0800 9700 0010.
Please follow this advice whether you have symptoms or not.

For main menu, reply 0


Why Use WhatsApp?

Before the coronavirus pandemic, WhatsApp was the most used multimedia messenger app used by billions around the world. At a time like when social distance is highly advised, people are using WhatsApp more than ever to connect with and support their friends, family and communities.


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